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Why have over 1 million satisfied customers chosen Amazing Clubs? It might be our extraordinary value and competitive prices. It might be our exceptional customer service and dedication to our members. But most likely it's because they know that a gourmet gift from Amazing Clubs is a gift of unparalleled quality.

We're proud of the premium wines we feature in our top-rated Wine of the Month Club. Over the last 12 months, we've featured the following wineries and wines.

May, 2015
Red Wines
Geerlings & Wade Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma, California)
Azonto Red Blend (Western Cape, South Africa)
White Wines
Lismore Range Chardonnay (South Eastern, Australia)
N'Gumu Chenin Blanc (Western Cape, South Africa)

April, 2015
Red Wines
Torre del Reloj Monastrell (Alicante, Spain)
Oleada Cabernet Sauvignon (Valle Central, Chile)
White Wines
Maison Des Arts Sauvignon Blanc (Southwest, France)
Piccolino Falanghina (Puglia, Italy)

March, 2015
Red Wines
Hamilton Merlot (Morgan Hill, California)
Morande Syrah (Maule Valley, Chile)
White Wines
Alken Sauvignon Blanc (Curico Valley, Chile)
House of Mandela Reserve Chardonnay (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

February, 2015
Red Wines
Casa Del Coppiere Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (Chianti, Italy)
Les Beaux Plants Vin De Table (Red Provence, France)
White Wines
Moltes Riesling Reserve (Alsace, France)
Alpha Loire Fleur De Coucou (Loire Valley, France)

January, 2015
Red Wines
San Valencia Pinot Noir (Valle Central, Chile)
Granrojo Tempranillo (Tierra de Castilla, Spain)
White Wines
The Gathering Chardonnay (New South Wales, Australia)
Inclinado Sauvignon Blanc (Mendoza, Argentina)

December, 2014
Red Wines
Campetto Merlot (Delle Venezie, Italy)
Cautivo De Orfila Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)
White Wines
Torre Zambra Colle Maggio Pinot Grigio (Abruzzo , Italy)
Cautivo De Orfila Torrontes (Mendoza, Argentina)

November, 2014
Red Wines
Rosso di Montepulciano (Siena, Italy)
V. Norte Carmenere Reserve (Curico Valley, Chile)
White Wines
V. Norte Chardonnay (Curico Valley, Chile)
Vinza De Oru Vermentino Di Sardegna (Sardegna, Italy)

October, 2014
Red Wines
Firestarter Red (Western Cape, South Africa)
Kon Tiki Merlot (Curico Valley, Chile)
White Wines
Confin Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (San Antonio Valley, Chile )
Havoc & Mayhem Chardonnay (McLaren Vale, Australia)

September, 2014
Red Wines
La Pujade P'tit Spencer (Corbieres, France)
La Mirandola Chianti Classico (Sienna, Italy)
White Wines
Celliers De France Chardonnay (Rhone, France)
Albarino Mar De Ons (Galicia, Spain)

August, 2014
Red Wines
N'Gumu Granache (Western Cape, South Africa)
Gosford Shiraz Blend (South Eastern Australia)
White Wines
Loca Verdelho (Vina de Espana, Spain)
Fachada Sauvignon Blanc (Central Valley, Chile)

July, 2014
Red Wines
Andestierra Estate Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)
Santonegro Organic Monastrell (Jumilla, Spain)
White Wines
Villa Floriano Pinot Grigio (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
NaveSur Verdejo (Rueda, Spain)

June, 2014
Red Wines
Alente Estates Red (Alentejo, Portugal)
Litaliano Red (Tuscany, Italy)
White Wines
Litaliano White (Tuscany, Italy)
Alente Estates White (Alentejo, Portugal)

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